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Printed T-shirt is useful promotional gift!

Printed T-shirt is useful promotional gift!

Often you are faced with a dilemma, what promotional gifts to pick, so that you maximize the effect it will have. Promotional textiles have always been interesting, T-shirts even more so. But as with everything, you should use imagination and creativity!

Why are t-shirts so popular? For starters, the value they provide is huge. Prices are dropping for the last few years, while quality is increasing rapidly. 120gsm t-shirts can’t be found on the market anymore, even though they represented a huge majority just 10 years back. Today, the 150gsm t-shirts are the minimum standard quality, while it’s very common, especially for premium brands, to go for better, denser t-shirts, like 160gsm or 180gsm. There is a simple reason for that, as premium brands want to be perceived premium and exclusive at every step. You can buy a printed t-shirt from us at 1,89EUR + VAT. That is cheap, compared to competitive marketing methods like TV, Radio or Billboard advertising. You can check our offer or promotional t-shirts here.

T-shirts are also practical promotional gifts, as they offer a huge surface for printing your promotional message. In fact, there are very few other promotional items that offer this kind of branding possibilities. T-shirts have various methods of branding, ranging from direct-to-garment printing, screen-printing, embroidery and many more. What is more, they can be printed or otherwise branded on practically whole surface. T-shirts aren’t called walking billboards for nothing. The huge surface also allows for detailed graphics, making the gifts more eye appealing, thus increasing chance they will catch someone’s attention. Catching attention is after all, the mission of most promotional gifts.

There are not many promotional items that have such a huge base of users as a t-shirt. They are worn by old and young, women and men, at work and at home, heck we’ll bet you’re wearing one right now. They are useful whether you’re sporting, casually strolling in the park or working hard at the office. There’s a high chance your next collection of promotional t-shirts won’t be a swing and a miss, since you will easily find people to wear them. Not to mention, a t-shirt doesn’t have an expiration date like some of the other promotional gifts (calendars). And if you think t-shirts are used only during the summer, well, you are wrong. They are indeed more effective during the summer or spring, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used during autumn and winter. T-shirts are classical, timeless promotional gifts.

T-shirts are mostly printed, but they can be embroidered too. Prints can vary from minimalistic (small logo on breast) or full-surface complicated prints, with a deeper message. Heck, we can even print your label inside the shirt, making it completely branded or customized to your needs. Possibilities are endless!

So, next time you’re wondering what your next collection of promotional gifts should be, give the old t-shirt a chance. It may be well worth it!