Make your own T-shirt

Not long ago was having a unique t-shirt seen as mission impossible. Well, theoreticaly it was possible, but the costs of printing were so high, most of us gave up rather easily. Luckily, those times are behind us now and today, having an unique t-shirt, designed by yourself, is easy. In fact, the whole procedure is so easy and cheap, it would be a shame buying a t-shirt in the store. Interested why?

Now, lets start at the beginning. How to make your own design? I'm sure there are not many of you, versed in the arts of graphic desing programs. But this is not a problem. Modern applications are designed for people like you, meaning they don't require any knowledge of design to make them work. You will easily do your own design, with just text editor and file uploading skills. More important than computer knowledge is your imagination and sense of esthetic. If you are unhappy with your design, or need expert help, our designers will be happy to give you a hand. On the other hand, if you are skilled in computer design, you can email us your vector file also. After you submit your design, we will first have a quick glance if everything is OK. We check for spelling errors and other minor things you may have missed. Then we will decide on the technique we will use for production. We use FLEX foil, Print & Cut FLEX foil and DTG printing for the production of your unique t-shirts. All of those techniques produce quality and durable shirts, if you follow the instructions on washing and handling your t-shirts.

Surely you have felt the need to have a unique piece of your wardrobe, something that no one else has. To have your favourite quote, picture of your idol or some sick art on your t-shirt or sweater. It's possible now. Clicking on link will get you to our application Make your own T-shirt, where you can pour out your artistic ideas and make yourself your new favourite piece of wardrobre. You will easily create your own t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, apron, children's one piece, chef's hat or shopping bag with the artwork you want. This can also be a great gift. You know how hard it is, to find a perfect gift for someone. With a touch of uniqueness, this can be it!

And for the end, unique does not mean expensive. Our application will keep you informed on the costs of your design at all times. You can make sure, that there are no suprises when it comes to price.