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Are Promotional Gifts Key to Inspiring Your Employees?

Are Promotional Gifts Key to Inspiring Your Employees?

Highly-motivated individuals should be really important to your company because they have a willingness to get the job done effectively, resulting in higher productivity, increased revenue, and satisfied business owners.

Employees with low motivation tend to work slower, without regard for efficiency or productivity and end up costing business more money.

In order to make your workplace one where happiness and productivity thrive, consider the following guidelines.

Friendly Work Environment 

About one-third of human life is spent working – therefore it is really important that we feel great at our work-space. Good working environment is important to maximize productivity. Work environment include pleasant atmosphere and even more important – good relationships between coworkers.
Good working relationships give us several benefits: our work is more enjoyable when we have good relationships with those around us. Also, we're more innovative and creative.
Good relationships are dependent on leader of the team. If the leader is positive and always happy, coworkers will be always positive as well. Angry leader that is often in a bad mood will transfer his emotions to his coworkers as well.

Too Long Working Hours

Do you expect your employees to work for long hours?
Be careful – even when speaking about working hours, the quality is way more important than quantity. Rested coworkers, that are full of energy, will be more productive in shorter time, than bored and tired employees in a longer era. When employees are tired, it will often result in mistakes or even injuries.

Of course it can happen that in the main season of your business you need your employees to work for additional + hours. In this case motivate and award them. See more about it in the next point.

Symbolic gifts and positive words can do a great job

If your employees did something truly outstanding you should take the time to let them know. Instead of just telling people that everyone is doing great dedicate some time and pull a specific person into your office to let him know that his work is truly outstanding.

Just that alone can and will have a huge impact on the persons motivation. If we want to increase the motivation of our workers, we have to give them some credit for their well done work.
More often than not, we are doing the opposite when we predict that if we congratulate somebody it will get into their head or if we get angry over the mistake somebody made it will motivate them. It’s a complete opposite.

So be aware of those great done work tasks and applaud them. If you do that in front of other employees the impact will be much stronger.

Practical gifts can do miracles

Reward your employees with small gifts for birthdays, Christmas or after doing a good job. Try to reward your Employees for their birthday, Christmas and in between the year when they are extra productive.

The effect of the rewards will be seen as boost of rising happiness along with stronger loyalty to the company. Make sure the rewards come with the logo of the company so you build brand recognition and loyalty.

Few ideas for gifts:

For more practical ideas browse our web shop Habeco promotional gifts.

Let your employees know that your first priority is their safety and comfort.

Be aware to choose the appropriate working clothes that are quality, safe and comfortable. Workwear includes: jackets, body warmer, trousers, shirts, shoes, etc...
Be careful to choose workwear with these characteristic:

  • Highly wind and waterproof
  • Quick drying
  • Advanced weaving technology
  • Strong materials

Speaking about safety, high quality workwear can reduce risk in those scenarios:

  • extreme weather conditions,
  • low temperatures in the working environment,
  • working with sharp objects or edges,
  • the presence of flammable, explosive substances or chemicals

With our 25 years of experience we can confidently highlight workwear brand Regatta that represent a technological peak of modern times.