Are Promotional Gifts Key to Inspiring Your Employees?

Often the primary value of a successful company is motivated, dedicated and satisfied employees. Only such people can invest all their energy, experience and joy in their work. Only such can achieve exceptional results. Only with such employees can a company achieve its goals.

On the other hand, dissatisfied employees are poorly productive, uninvolved, and often absent due to illness. Moreover, employee turnover is also high in such companies, which certainly does not contribute to successful growth.

The goal is, therefore motivated employees. It may sound simple, but employee satisfaction is affected by a whole host of factors. We have selected the most important ones for you:


The atmosphere in the company

We spend at least a third of the day at work. Therefore, it is crucial that employees feel good in the workplace. The company's climate greatly influences well-being. It includes a suitable work environment, and even more important than the environment are good interpersonal relationships between employees. Good understanding and interpersonal respect is an essential factor in making us feel comfortable at work.

The relations between employees largely depend on the company's management and directly superiors. If the superior is positive and in good spirits, positivism will also spread among co-workers. But a reluctant and gloomy leader will as well pass on his feelings to employees. Of course, there is a general maxim in every work collective that says that people are different. From here on, the leader must know how to lead with his knowledge and tools so that the job runs well organised, high-quality, and in a good atmosphere.

In several surveys, employees highlighted the relationship with superiors as a significant satisfaction factor. Good relationships are even more important to most than, e.g. cash rewards. 


Working time

Do you expect or even demand much overtime from your employees? Remember, even when we talk about working hours, it's not all in quantity, but also quality. A rested co-worker full of energy will do more and in a shorter period than a tired or bored employee in a more extended time. Tired co-workers often make mistakes or endure even injuries.

Expectations that employees will be at work all day are unrealistic. Indeed, they do not yield results in the long run. On the contrary, especially with younger employees, leisure, sports, entertainment, family are rated very high, and they are not even willing to give them up for pay.

Of course, during the primary season, you need the cooperation of employees. During this time, they do more than usual, even in the form of overtime. In this case, motivate and reward them—more on that in the next point.  


A symbolic gift and a word of encouragement mean a lot.

With various awards, we can effectively motivate employees to make every effort to achieve the company's goals. Therefore, it is also imperative that employees understand and know the company's business goals, so keep them informed about them. By doing this, you will make them feel important, responsible and above all, they will be even more loyal than they were.

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The prize can be monetary or practical.

Praise and words of encouragement often mean a lot. With a cash reward alone, it will be challenging to turn unmotivated employees into motivated ones. However, with encouraging and motivational words, this is achievable. Don't expect praise to come to employees heads and criticism to make them more productive, as the results will be just the opposite. Instead, please pay attention to the work well done, show that you have noticed it, and praise employees who did it. Public praise, in front of other co-workers, has even more power.


A practical business gift can do wonders.

Gift your employees for birthdays, Christmas and during the year. Small practical gifts do wonders. So pamper them with small attentions every month, especially when you are happy with their results and work.

Such gifts will not represent a high cost for you. On the contrary, they will strengthen satisfaction and belonging to the company among your employees. Also, put your brand's logo on business gifts for employees – this will also improve your company's visibility. However, we can assure you that employees will be happy to use them and spread your advertising message or logo.

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Here are some practical business gift ideas for your employees:

The primary guideline for all business gifts must always be usability and quality. By no means do not underestimate your employees and do not gift them with something to give. It will come back to you like a boomerang. 

You will find even more ideas if you browse our online store Habeco promotional and business gifts.

The writings "Are you exploiting the great potential of the business and promotional gifts?" will also definitely help you.

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Show that their safety at work and comfort come first.

Provide appropriate, high-quality, safe and comfortable work clothes. Workwear includes everything from work jackets, sweatshirts, bodywarmers, polo shirts, shirts, underwear, and work footwear.

Practical and quality work clothes are an excellent investment that will pay you back twice. Firstly, by making your business and your employees look professional and trustworthy in the eyes of others. Secondly, employees will feel even greater belonging to the company and proudly wear the "company uniform". The choice of top work clothes, which includes:

  • advanced weaving technology,
  • waterproof and windproof breathable materials
  • fast drying of fabric and
  • triple support seams and reinforced materials,

will pay you back quickly.

When it comes to safety, high-quality protective clothing can reduce the following problems and dangers at work: 

  • extreme weather conditions
  • low temperatures in the working environment
  • work with sharp objects or edges
  • the presence of flammable
  • explosive substances or chemicals in the work environment,
  • possibility of injuries due to molten metal or electric current.

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With our more than 30 years of experience, we can undoubtedly highlight Regatta and Roly work clothes as the best choice since they represent the technological top of this type of clothing.

Also, place a company logo or advertising message on work clothes, strengthening employees' loyalty and the company's visibility.

Maybe your business does not require any unique protective clothing and protective equipment. Still, your employees will also be happy with T-shirts with the company or brand logo. Such a trifle can cause such a positive response that you certainly did not expect. To make the right choice, we have written the blog What is a good promotional T-shirt to help you.

For safe work and health protection at work, the company should always have protective face masks and hand disinfectants. They should also have disinfectants for other surfaces. More and more viruses are circulating among people that threaten employees' health, so you must provide them with this kind of protection.


The investment in employees always pays off.

You have probably already encountered the dilemma of asking: "Why invest in your employees if they will anyway leave the company?”. However, this is not the worst thing that can happen to you. If you do not invest in the knowledge and education of your employees, they will stagnate and stay with you.

Here are some activities that are sure to have a positive impact on your business: 

  • regular training of employees
  • regular interviews with co-workers
  • ensuring that employees are informed about important events and innovations in the company
  • providing ongoing challenges at work
  • introduction of teamwork
  • possibility of job promotion 
  • personal and career development of each employee

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We believe that in this blog, you have found some suggestions to take into account when motivating your subordinates and thus increase the entire team's productivity. Remember that a company is as strong as the weakest link. Do you also have any suggestions, experience or good practice? We will be happy to receive your comments on this post.