How promotional gifts increase brand awareness

A good marketing strategy is crucial in running a successful business. And you must include promotional gifts in it as well, as you can use them to increase awareness of your brand in the long run.

In the flood of all promotional gifts on the market, you are probably wondering why you would use promotional gifts at all to increase your so-called brand awareness.

As with most businesses, your focus and advertising budget are on other marketing activities. Such as advertising in magazines, on radio, online advertising, etc. However, the more correct question should be: Why not use promotional gifts to raise people's awareness of your brand?  Given how positively promotional gifts affect the positioning of your brand in the market.


How different types of people perceive advertisements

Humans are beings who feel with more senses. However, we are not the same in how we perceive individual information. Some are more visual types, others more audible. But we all love to get our hands on advertising. The goal of all entrepreneurs is to gain as many new customers as possible and position themselves well in the market.

Properly chosen ways of advertising will, of course, help in this. Some swear by radio, television, others by newspaper advertising, modern marketers focus on online advertising, but many forget about promotional gifts. Even though this type of advertising is the best accepted among people. And it is also a much better option financially than those listed above.

We have already written about promotional gifts. Read about ways to choose a promotional choice for your business to make the best move possible in the blog entitled 7 reasons why a company should have promotional gifts.

However, if you are still dealing with why you would introduce promotional gifts in your company and how you will build brand awareness precisely because of them, read on. 

Promotional gift or business card? 

You will understand this the best if we explain it using a real case.

Imagine you are looking for a photographer to photograph your event in three months. You started collecting bids and arranged for the first meetings. The photographers you short-listed and met have a similar style of photography, a comparable price, and none of them stood out visually in a way that you would remember.

Each of them left you a business card, and one only gave you a ballpoint pen with his data written on it instead of a business card. Among all your obligations, in a few days, you forgot that you need a photographer at all. However, you remembered it when you had to write down the telephone catering present at your event, and you took this ballpoint pen in your hand. It was at hand, and as a result, you called exactly the photographer who gave you this ballpoint pen. So the photographer made a deal worth 300 Euro for just under 30 cents.

This is just one good example of why a promotional gift is a much better signature than a business card. For comparison, consider these questions as well. If you get a paper business card from a business partner, will you throw it in the bin?  Sooner than a ballpoint pen or a promotional USB stick with a logo on it?

promotional pens

Enter the privacy of your client

If you combine usability in everyday life and effective promotion, you have achieved the essence of marketing. The moment you enter your client's private life, the advertising is even more friendly and effective. Promotional or business gifts are the best and also a very affordable tool for this. Let us illustrate this statement with an example.

Almost every one of us has a credit card in our wallet that allows contactless business. However, few of us are aware that this convenience also carries risks. The villains can effortlessly scan your card with an RFID reader and steal your money and personal information. The solution to this is an RFID Card Case that effectively prevents scanning and thus secures your identity and money.

It is a very affordable item, but it has an exceptional value. It will also definitely arouse positive feelings related to your company or brand in your gift recipients. Since this item has a tremendous area for branding, it is also very suitable for quality, attractive graphics that will give it a substantive, visual effect. Furthermore, credit cards are used very often. Thus, your promotional gift will become an everyday companion when shopping. This is perfect for enhancing the awareness of your brand.

rfid card case

The impression that you leave is crucial. 

Using a promotional gift will make a first impression on customers positive. They will also be happy to carry with them your present. With all that, you have done a lot for your company by choosing a product that will make you an advertisement that will be cheaper and longer-lasting than radio ads. Furthermore, when deciding what to gift, the leader in your brand needs to make sure that promotional gifts are successfully integrated into the daily lives of your potential (or regular) customers. That way, you will always be present somewhere. Even if you're not in their shopping cart yet because they may not need your product right now, trust me, you will be, or more accurately, your product will. As soon as they need the product you are offering, they will remember you and send you an inquiry about it. And, of course, also to the one whose commercial is most often heard on the radio. :)  

How to choose a gift so that it doesn't land in the trash, having the same fate as the business cards of competitors?

When it comes to promotional gifts, you need to make sure that you choose products that will make life easier for your potential customers. Don't choose ones that will be thrown in the trash right away. One of the everyday problems of modern society is that many people pay with cards and hardly carry any money with them. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a problem, but it does show up as a problem when they need a coin for a shopping cart.

Gifting them with a cute key chain with a token for a shopping cart on them will ease their daily problem. Moreover, it will reduce the chances of them getting angry about the same thing again. And, whenever they take a coin, they will see your logo. Because you will solve their problem, they will have you positively written down. They will already form a positive opinion about you, even though they have not bought anything from you yet.

They will also look at you positively because you have gifted them something. Because of this, no one will be richer. This is just a matter of principle and a willingness to give something.

Promotional gifts will also have the effect of increasing customer loyalty that you already have. One study conducted in America even found that 90 per cent of consumers who received a gift from a company would choose to buy something from them later. With small promotional presents that are not overly costly for you, you will gain new customers in the long run and retain those who have previously bought from you. 

summer caps

And what do the numbers show?

Comparing the previously mentioned ballpoint pen with a business card shows the difference per piece to be only a few cents. The business card will most likely land in the trash (or at least at the bottom of the drawer) within a few days, and the ball pen will be in use for a few months. Still, wondering what you're going to give a potential client at a meeting next time?

For smaller companies with a smaller marketing budget, promotional gifts are definitely a good solution (of course, in combination with online advertising). It’s a little different with medium and large companies. Small and medium-sized companies advertise their products in several ways. Either on the radio, in newspapers, with leaflets or using direct mail. All of these marketing tools with the right combination are great for reaching your target customers.

With advertising like this, you don’t usually think about spending a lot of money. You just know you have to do it because everyone does it. You don’t even think about it if you need business cards and flyers at promotions and in the field. Because everyone has them. And because you have to compete. Always, but really always, the question arises if you really need promotional gifts. Ask yourself a different question. If you know that no one will respond to your ad in a magazine, why not spend that money differently? Especially if you know that with that money you will get a certain amount of promotional gifts.  The same presents that will stay with customers for a longer time. Thus, reaching more views and anchoring your name in the customers' minds.

Promotional gifts can be very cheap.

So far, we've talked a lot about the ballpoint pen, and yet the range of cheap promotional gifts is much broader. The decision of what to give is, of course, yours. Since only you know which present will best integrate into the concept of your advertising. Thus, achieving the optimal promotional results. We made an effort and collected affordable gifts in one place, under the tab entitled Promotional Products up to 1 EUR. The offer is extensive, and you will definitely find something suitable for you. If not, we are always at your disposal with our many years of experience.

promotional items under 1 eur

Combine pleasant with practical and avoid unnecessary costs.

Consider changing promotional products that you give to your customers or business partners into something more practical and print your advertisement on it. For example, if you're in the sales business and targeting customers coming back to you after a weekly purchase, it would be wise to give them a reusable bag. According to research, one bag with the logo gets about 6,000 views. If you donate something special with a beautiful design, it will have even more of them since it will be usable for a longer time. Moreover, people will prefer to carry a nice bag rather than a bag with only a logo. On choosing graphics and design, read the article we wrote about T-shirt as a promotional gift. The same laws apply. If you are preparing an event for your business partners, make practical themed gifts that your business partners will take and use at home. 

When thinking in favour of or against a business gift, ask yourself who you are actually giving it. To a business partner as a gift or to yourself as a promotion to existing and future partners.