How to request an offer\quote on

Would you like to add branding to your promotional items? Of course you would, they are practically useless without at least your logo on them. Buying a large quantity and feel you are entitled to a discount? Sure you do, quantity matters after all. On our site this is easy, and most of all, fast. Just request a QUOTATION \ BRANDING on the product page. Together, we will look at some details, that may help you on requesting your first quote on our site.


The first thing to look at, after landing on a product page is to check out the stock, which is shown in real time and is refreshed a few times every day. Check under Availability, at the sizes chart, to see if your item is in stock. If it's not, and you can't find a suitable alternative, contact us. We'll let you know when the item comes back in stock or find an alternative together. After inputing the quantities needed, pressing the QUOTATION \ BRANDING button will take you to the Request for Offer page. Here, you have 3 options:


·         CONTINUE SHOPPING will take you back to the web store, so you can browse and add more items

·         PURCHASE ITEMS will take you to the page for completing your order. We will charge you these items and this is NOT requesting a quote.

·         REQUEST AN OFFER will take you to the page for completing your quote request. You will not purchase the items and your request is not binding in any way.


After landing on the page for completing the quote request, please fill out your information first. If you are requesting a quote on behalf of a company, please fill in your valid VAT number. The important part here is the YOUR REQUESTS form, where you should describe your wishes and guidelines for brandation as detailed as possible. This includes the position of the branding, colors, size, branding technique and any other special request you may have. If you have a file with your artwork, you can upload it, using the button below the form. We accept .jpg, .png, .gif, .cdr, .ai, .eps, .pdf files, up to 5MB size. Now you are done, but before clicking REQUEST AN OFFER button, please check all the information you inputed is correct and valid. After clicking the button and finishing the process, you will receive a confirmation email, containing all the information you provided us with. This is NOT yet the quote. You will receive the actual quote in maximum 24 hours. If you have any questions regarding the quote, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help in any way possible.