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The real stars of your holidays!

The real stars of your holidays!

For many of us is the month of may one of the most beautiful months of the year. With the sun this beautyful month also brings the time of picnics, weekend getaways, short holidays and unforgettable time with our friends and family.

The photos you'll share with your friends and on social networks will also reveal the real stars of your adventures. Can you guess who are these true stars of our adventures? It may be easier if instead of who we woul ask what. Yes, you guessed it! These are namely all those essential extras, which will make your travel, camping, hiking, food preparing easier and brighten your day with family or friends. They also the best promotional gifts and an excellent chance for your brand to become a part of these enjoyable moments.

The perfect camping and picnic

You decide to take a road trip with your family or friends and visit one of the beautiful slovenian rivers for camping and picnic. But before you go on a journey it is good to create a list of all the things that you need to take with you. Let us help you:

without him there is no picnic – you need a good grill,
every experienced chef knows that essential grilling tools will make you master of the flame
portable travel cooler bag will keep your beer and soda cold for a long time
the perfect camping chairs
if you are planning a romantic picnic for twoa, you´ll need a perfect picnic basket full of your sweethearts favorites

Of course we offer much more products so be sure to check out  the must-have best Camping & Picnic gadgets.

Let the Games Begin

Do you still remember how much fun we had playing the children's games outdoors, and how bad it was when our parents called us to come home? Picnics are always so playful not only for the kids, but also for the adults. Football, badminton, bocce, rope pulling or jumping in the bags. But all these games, however, will not be entertaining only participaters. The same joy will also experience the cheering crowd. And that unforgettable dance of the winning team will make memories! Here are some of our products for fun games and cheering:

each judge  needs a good whistle – Referee
for those who want to applaud as a profi
for the cheering fans – Arriba!
for thirsty  athletes – Bally
for those who got tired – playing cards
for those who need to rest – Hello! lining for seating

You will find all of these promotional gifts and much more in our online catalog under the Games, Sports, & Events.

Travel carefree

The most beautiful days of the year are definitely the ones that allow us to break the daily routine, prepare a travel bag and take short trip.

If you're thinking to yourself that the following weekend is ideal for a short holliday just select a destination, because we can offer a few tips, how to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Because at least one person always pack too much
for comfort on the airplane
 so you will always know where your money and documents are
for energy no matter where you travel
mandatory essentials for vacationing on a beach
a fashion hit without which you should not swim in the sea

All of the above and much more you will find in the section Bags & Travel.

The perfect gift

Did reading this blog make you think of a business partner who likes to travel? Perhaps it is just a part of their job. On the occasion make him or her a gift, and give them one or more products from our series of power banks. This will be the perfect Promotional products for those who use tiny electronic devices.On your request we can also make printing or laser engraving on products.

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