7 reasons why a company should have promotional gifts

If you have a habit of gifting your customers and business partners, you are already aware of promotional gifts’ benefits. As you are using one of the most effective and most affordable marketing tools. If you do not have this habit yet, then now is about time to introduce promotional gifts in your company. With gifting, you will enter the lives of your customers imperceptibly. Additionally, you will leave a positive impression on them due to small and practical attention. Let us explain to you why this is so.

Not using promotional gifts yet?

We must be aware that with presents we demonstrate our serious and solid intention to achieve good cooperation. That is a beneficial relationship with our customers. In addition, promotional gifts are intended to present the company and show the characteristics and advantages of each brand we represent. The goal is for customers to recognize our products and services sooner in the market, so promotional gifts always have a logo and slogan printed on them.

What should be the value of a promotional gift? Of course, this depends on how big a budget the company has. As well as how much its leaders are aware of the importance of the value of the promotional gift. In principle, promotional gifts are presents that fall into the lower price range, and companies give them to both consumers and business partners. Precisely based on who the gifts are given to, we distinguish between mass, promotional and personal business gifts.

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For example, our industry is concerned with the technical inspection of vehicles. We can gift a ballpoint pen at the counter to our customer, who performs this service once a year. We cannot, however, give the same gift to our business partner. Since the latter has been using our service for many years, several times a month. He had also made technical inspections for the entire fleet of the vehicles in his company.

Almost all entrepreneurs are aware of the purpose of promotional gifts. However, there is a significant percentage of companies on the market who are still hesitant regarding them. That is why we undertook mini-research in this area. We present 7 reasons that explain WHY it is necessary to have business gifts in the company. 

Reason number 1: Precise customer targeting

If we take radio and magazine ads as an example. They are entirely expensive for a company that is not yet well-established in the market and with advertisers. We can quickly see that they target a sizable audience. So a lot of money is spent on those people who are not your potential customers at all. For those who you think could become one, it pays to invest a little more and give them a gift. This may be precisely the trigger that will make the customer decide to buy your product or for your service. Keep in mind that you will be gifting something that the customer will later use – so give a gift that will not be expensive but will have a high value for the customer. 

Reason number 2: They represent a bond between people

Once you have a business, you must build a bond between you and your customers and make sure that customers stick to you. An ideal opportunity to contact a customer is if you opt for mass promotions. At that time, introduce them to your product or service, and finally give them a promotional gift that will remind them of your business.

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Reason number 3: They act as a business card

Promotional gifts also act as business card. Let's look at an example. You are engaged in replacing windows. At the fair, a potential customer came to you mentioning that he would replace all the windows in the house within a year or two. If you give him a business card or a flyer, there’s a good chance he’ll mislay it somewhere or throw it in the trash pretty quickly. But if you give him, for example, a shopping cart token with your logo on it, he will put that on his key chain. This will remind him of you every time he goes shopping. He will also assuredly call you when he wants to replace the windows. Therefore, we advise you to give your potential customers (those who may in the future buy your product or service) something practical. Something that would last for a longer time and will remind them of you. 

Reason number 4: They assure brand awareness

Brand awareness means that customers can immediately recognize your company. Therefore, we advise you to equip all the promotional products you use with your logos. Give them a completely uniform graphic image and message, which you can send to the world for a longer time. In this way, customers will know about you. As soon as they see your ballpoint pen, for example, they will perceive that it is your company's ballpoint pen and what your business is about. In case you are going to organize an event or attend your fair, follow these rules. Have a recognizable counter with ballpoint pens, notepads, water bottles, key chains stored on it. Have recognizable T-shirts, caps, and staff should have uniform softshell jackets. All this should be branded so that you will stand out from afar in terms of compliance. In this way, you build brand awareness. 

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Reason number 5: They are a cheap marketing tool that lasts longer 

Promotional gifts are a very effective and low-cost way of marketing that provides the company with new customers. Those companies that have been well-positioned in the market for many years know this strategy and stick to it. Promotional gifts of smaller companies and start-ups mean that first impression they give to their potential customers. Here are some facts.

  • 6 out of 10 consumers keep promotional gifts for up to two years.
  • 85% of people work with companies after receiving a promotional gift from them
  • 89% of people decide to buy a product or service of this company within two years of receiving a promotional gift
  • 63% of consumers pass on promotional gifts when they don't need them
  • According to the survey, as many as 94% of people remember where they received a promotional gift

Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly recognizing that promotional gifts are crucial to reach a substantial number of customers in a competitive market. They are also aware that presents must be of high quality, and they must have the company's logo and, of course, the message that the company wants to pass on. As mentioned earlier, it's a good idea to opt for promotional products that recipients can use for months for better results. Such quality products help to achieve that the customer connects with the brand. This means that with a one-time financial investment, you advertise your company to the customer for a few months.

In larger companies with the bigger available budget, people know that the best impression is made with unique gifts. Those that are also of better quality will make even a better impression. 

ballpoint pens

Reason number 6: They increase customer loyalty

Having loyal customers is the goal that every company wants to achieve. It is necessary to work persistently and hard to reach this objective. You need to take care of your customers and persistently strive to improve relationships with them. Loyal customers are crucial to your business for two reasons: 

  • Because satisfied customers are the best advertisement that will bring you, new customers.
  • Because your competition persistently targets your best customers and wants to lure them away.

If you have comparable products and prices in the flood of competition, then loyal customers are all the more appreciated. These customers will not go to another provider because of the lower price. They will stick with you and your products. Either because of the quality of your service or because of the relationship with your company. Often because of a combination of both.

Promotional gifts are an excellent way to thank a customer for their trust. At the same time, with them, you make sure they think about you for even longer and keep your products in the shopping cart. Don’t hesitate to deduct a few cents more for the gift you give to loyal customers. If the gift is of good quality, the loyal customer will use it daily. Such a gift will not only be an end in itself but will continue to make advertising, as it will be seen in the customer's hands by those closest to him or her.

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Reason number 7: They tell the story of your company

Adjust promotional products to your marketing strategy and market. You can buy a lot of promotional products on the market. You can customize each to the needs of your business and advertising. You can also customize the message you want to convey to customers and the colours of the product. You can make sure that the promotional product itself is consistent with what you want to emphasize. (For example, if you are doing an extremely eco-friendly activity, make your ballpoint pens with eco-friendly material and not plastic. If you are selling used cars, a key chain will be the right promotional gift for your customers.)

Additionally, we can say that the marketing concept in a company is a company's philosophy and is based on relationships both outside and inside the company. You have to strive every day to establish a long-term relationship with your customers in your company. Furthermore, you need to strive for a trustworthy relationship, which can only be achieved if the company provides quality, good service and a fair price. Promotional gifts play a crucial role here. They strengthen ties with customers and business partners. They state that you value mutual cooperation in a non-intrusive way and want to continue this relationship.

Haven't we convinced you yet that promotional gifts are a functional marketing tool? Read the blog Business and promotional gifts help in selling, and you will definitely change your mind.