Business gifts - 7 mistakes to avoid

Merry December is the time when we plan to give gifts to our business partners and customers. In fact, many entrepreneurs endow their business partners only at the end of the year. Did you know that this is one of the key mistakes you can make in a business gift giving? The time for business gifts or promotional gifts is throughout the year and such a gift will further deepen your relationship with business partners and customers.

Business gifts can have a remarkable effect if they are properly selected and given in the right way and at the right time. The mistakes we can make, however, can be seen quite unprofessionall and have a negative impact on our relationship with a business partner or client. Thus, giving gifts to customers or business partners can be a rather embarrassing experience if, for example, you buy a gift that is too expensive or does not correspond to the interests of the recipient. The fact that you (mostly) remember your business partners and customers only once a year is also not particularly in your favor. That's why we prepared for you some helpful advice about how you can not find yourself in an unpleasant situation with a business gifts.

Mistake no. 1: You only give gifts to your business partners and customers at the end of the year

You don´t have to wait for the holidays to send business gifts. Every businessman certainly has more opportunities for giving a business gift to his partners (even if it is little gesture of attention) several times a year. If you are wondering when and to whom you could give a business gift, let us remind you of the general rule - give gifts to those business partners or customers that help your company's success and excellence.

The benefits of business and promotional gifts are many. Especially useful gifts are the best form of advertising for the recipients of all generations. Business partners and customers will be reminded on your business each time they will use the product you have given them.

Gifting business gifts to your employees also has long-term positive effects on your business. You tell them that you appreciate their hard work and that they are an important part of the mosaic of your success. A practical gift, such as an umbrella, a laptop bag, or a set of accessories for a smart phone, will keep your employees constantly reminded that they are truly important to you.

Therefore, do not hesitate to make a list with the recipients and opportunities for business gift giving. If you do not know where to start, you can get inspiration and help in our blog Business Gifts - what you need to know about them and about the gift giving.

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Mistake no. 2: Unappropriate gifts

When it comes to business gifts, be very careful about what you will buy. When choosing a business gift, it is of the very important that the gift is appropriate. Although it will seem unnecessary to many, but we advise you to pay attention to things such as religion and sexual orientation and everything else that can be considered a sensitive area. This also applies to things like alcohol or meat. Inappropriate gifts can offend your business partners, customers and employees deeply, and this is the last thing you want to achieve with a business gift.

If you don´t know what to give, you can still choose something generic. But you know that in today's time such gifts can also create the wrong impression. In such cases, it is best to rely on experts. With over 25 years of experience, we will be happy to help you choose the right gifts. You can send us your questions or inquiries to the contacts in the footer of our website.

Mistake no. 3: Giving an inappropriate or unwanted food or beverages gifts

Regardless of whether it is a bottle of wine for someone who does not drink, or a box of cookies to someone who is a diabetic or may be intolerant to gluten. If you know that your business partner likes cookies with the taste of Irish coffee, of course give them as a gift! For all others, who are not sure whether a food product will be appropriate, choose a more secure gift. We do not mean that you should avoid gifting food items completely, but we suggest to stay on the 'safe' side if you are not 100% sure. These safe choices include fresh and dried fruits, gourmet olive or other oils, various spreads, ...

While, for example, one person appreciates a carefully chosen bottle of fine red wine, the other person will not be the least impressed by the gift, since he or she does not drink alcohol, no matter how noble the drop is. Why then would you spend money for a gift that you can not use and with which you can even offend your important client\business partner? Sometimes it is best that alcohol is not generally given, or we do this only when we know for certain that a person will be happy about the gift. In this case, inquire about the desires and taste and give a person a bottle of drink in which they will really enjoy.

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Mistake no. 4: Sending Christmas presents to someone who does not celebrate Christmas

Many people celebrate Christmas, but there are still many who do not. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is offend someone who does not celebrate it.

Let's be more precise. Perhaps your business partners, clients or employees are of the Jewish descent and celebrate Hanukka, maybe they Afroamericans and instead of Christmas they celebrate Kwanza, and Chinese business partners will celebrate Christmas and New Year later than the rest of the world. This is always on the 2nd mile after the winter solstice, which means once between January 22 and February 19.

So pay attention to religious beliefs and show your gratitude to those who do not celebrate Christmas in a different way. Give them a little attention with an annotation that does not mention Christmas, but expresses appreciation for the good cooperation. In this way you will not exclude anyone and the gift will still be of great value to the recipient.

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Mistake no. 5: Over expensive gifts

If you want to show respect and your gratitude, you must not exaggerate the value of the gift. Last but not least, it is a business partner, a client or an employee, and not your nearest one, for which everyone wants to go a little deeper into the wallet. Many people will feel uncomfortable knowing that you are ready to spend a lot of money on them. We can also create the wrong impression with a precious gift and generosity.

Pay attention to legislation in your country. For example, in Slovenia If a company charges any other natural person who is not his employee, this is taxed as a different income under the Personal Income Tax Act. In this case, no individual gift is included in the tax base, if its value does not exceed 42 EUR. Or if the total value of all gifts received during the fiscal year from the same donor does not exceed 84 EUR.

If the gift exceeds that amount, the company - a legal person or a natural person with activity - must pay  a personal income tax advance of 25% for the recipient of the gift.

Mistake no. 6: Do not overdo with the amount of data on the gifts

Too many entrepreneurs forget that business and promotional gifts are ultimately only gifts and not leaflets or posters. To print a t-shirt with all possible information and titles in most cases means that this quality T shirt will end up in the garden or best case, as a pajama, which certainly was not your purpose when you gave it as a gift. The premise in marketing »less is more« still holds true. Therefore, be very careful when branding, if you want your gifts to become part of everyday people's gifts, which must be your ultimate goal.

Mistake no. 7: You forgot the presentation

Do not give a business gift only in a box or bag and hand it over! Remember - it's a business gift. This means that you must try to do at least one of two things. The first is to make it clear to the recipient that it is a gift of your company, your brand. Do-print your logo and / or short message from your company or trademark. If the gift is more personal, it is enough to attach a short, self-written message. The recipient will remember you, many times, throughout the year. And second thing, do not forget about quality paper for wrapping, tapes or packaging. You know, if the gift looks bad, your business will look bad too.

When choosing the right business gifts, you can also hold the so-called 'real' categories, such as sports or hobbies, food or flowers. If you want to make the work even easier, you can find perfect business gifts on our website, where you will definitely find a gift in each category that will remind you of a business partner or client. This way you will also know that it is probably right for him or her.

Business or promotional gifts are no longer limited to the end of the year, but have become an effective marketing tool. Promotional articles and business gifts were ranked first in 2020 as the most successful form of advertising.

Are you keen on buying business gifts and need help? Contact us and we will be happy to help you with interesting and quality gifts as soon as possible. We will print your logo or a special message on selected products.

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