TOP 10 corporate gifts in 2024

In search for the perfect corporate gift, 2024 is witnessing a new wave of innovation and personalisation. Business gift trends reflect a time when a personal approach has become essential and sustainability is no longer just a wish, but an expectation.

2024's Top Trends in Promotional Gifts

In today's business world, promotional and corporate gifts continue their rise as one of the key components of successful marketing strategies. Their power lies not only in creating relationships and raising brand awareness, but also in their ability to have a targeted and long-lasting impact on recipients.

How to choose the best polo shirts for your business

Promotional polo shirts are a great way to advertise your company or brand. They are popular and versatile, which is why people love to wear them for a variety of occasions, from business meetings and sporting events to casual get-togethers. The first polo shirts were worn by British soldiers in the 19th century and were named after the game of polo, which originated in India.

Summer Promotional Items- Ideas to Warm Up Your Summer Sales

The summertime has always been a popular season, not just for individuals but for brands, businesses, and companies. It is the warmest season of the year and is associated with a feeling of vacation, traveling, bliss, fun, and happiness. Hence, it creates perfect opportunities for holiday-themed marketing and seasonal marketing.

Apart from ballpoint pens, what is the key to a successful event?

We have cooperated with our business partners to prepare and organise business and professional events for many years. Promotional and corporate gifts are an essential part of any event, as they provide attention on the spot and have a long-lasting effect even after the event. We offer reliable support in the gift selection, design, ordering and delivery of promotional products for fairs, conferences, congresses, round tables, etc. In our more than 30 years of existence, we have gained valuable experience in the field of preparation and organization of events, which we are happy to share with you.

The Reasons Why Everyone Love Promotional Towels

Promotional towels are towels that are branded with either a logo, color, design, or message. They perform the same purpose as your regular towels, with a slight difference due to the branding or customization. Towels are one of the basic human needs, as we need them to serve various purposes, such as promotional sports towels, promotional beach towels, and more.

5 reasons why your company need promotional backpacks

Every day, you come across a subtle yet powerful promotional item. You see it worn by school children as drawstring backpack promotional bags or carried by adults as promotional laptop backpacks. These are similar to the backpacks that you know, but these backpacks do not just have a plain surface only, they are either branded with designs, a logo, or a message. This item is called a "promotional backpack."

Elegantly dressed waiters make a significant profit.

Being in pleasant company and having a good coffee, drink or meal is an event that everyone likes to take. And if we have a choice, we would choose a nice, pleasant place where the staff is friendly and helpful, and usually also tastefully and uniformly dressed. Almost all over the world, this standard shows the restaurant's quality level. It displays the seriousness and owners’ awareness of how to do the business and their professional attitude towards their customers and visitors. You might say that such catering clothes cost a lot, but this is not true. Such an investment is not large at all and certainly pays off very quickly. And in today’s blog, we’ll introduce you to a bunch of solutions that will back up this claim of ours.

Gifts for someone who has everything

“A thoughtful gift is a relevant gift. It is a gift that aims to keep the recipient satisfied and happy.” Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation where you don't know the perfect gift for someone who looks like he or she has everything? Or have you ever gone to an event, and your gifts for the celebrants seem to be just another common regular item?

Are Promotional Gifts Key to Inspiring Your Employees?

Often the primary value of a successful company is motivated, dedicated and satisfied employees. Only such people can invest all their energy, experience and joy in their work. Only such can achieve exceptional results. Only with such employees can a company achieve its goals. On the other hand, dissatisfied employees are poorly productive, uninvolved, and often absent due to illness. Moreover, employee turnover is also high in such companies, which certainly does not contribute to successful growth.

Printing or embroidery on promotional textiles?

The advantages of one or another technique are different from case to case, and only one thing is sure. Both printing and embroidery are persistent and of high quality, if they are correctly and well-designed. Unfortunately, doubts in persistence, especially considering printing on textiles, is present in many customers.

7 Best Promotional Gifts for Millennials

In 2020, approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide are millennials, representing one-quarter of the global population. In recent years, we've realized the significance of promotional gifts as a subtle yet powerful tool that can generate great results, though it needs a lot of planning to achieve this. Therefore, the first and crucial step in selecting the promo gifts as part of your advertising strategy would be to determine your target group. Identifying your target group helps you strategically employ "Generational Marketing", a marketing approach that uses generational segmentation in marketing, communications, and strategy.

How promotional gifts increase brand awareness

A good marketing strategy is crucial in running a successful business. And you must include promotional gifts in it as well, as you can use them to increase awareness of your brand in the long run. In the flood of all promotional gifts on the market, you are probably wondering why you would use promotional gifts at all to increase your so-called brand awareness.

7 reasons why a company should have promotional gifts

If you have a habit of gifting your customers and business partners, you are already aware of promotional gifts’ benefits. As you are using one of the most effective and most affordable marketing tools. If you do not have this habit yet, then now is about time to introduce promotional gifts in your company. With gifting, you will enter the lives of your customers imperceptibly. Additionally, you will leave a positive impression on them due to small and practical attention. Let us explain to you why this is so.

Instead of plastic – bags made of environmentally friendly materials

We can say with near certainty that we all use plastic bags, from a vegetable seller to a store with unique design products. Plastic bags are popular because they are cheap, durable, light, functional, and hygienically sound for transporting food and other goods. Although we have considered plastic bags to be a modern convenience that we can't do without, they are unfortunately very responsible for polluting our beautiful planet. Therefore, free plastic shopping bags will be banned in stores in Slovenia from the beginning of 2019. So let's be an example and replace the plastic bags with those made of environmentally friendly materials.

Promotional T-Shirts - everything you wanted to know

Today, the T-shirt is recognized as an element of pop culture, a fashion, and lifestyle trend, that has been adopted in the marketing and advertising space. Indeed, the influence of branded gifts and apparel as part of a branding strategy for both internal and external communications should not be overlooked. They can be incorporated as part of the corporate branded clothing to strengthen teamwork and boost employee's morale. As part of a promotional tactic or advertising campaign, they can be distributed to leads, consumers, and the general public to influence purchase intent, boost brand awareness and promote product perception.

Personalized gifts or how to gift soulfully with a feeling

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect promotional or business gift! Is it affordable and convenient? Is your logo, advertising message and name of the gift recipient visible on the gift? Is the product packed in special packaging printed with your design? Is your personal message added to the gift box? Is it all wrapped in a neat gift wrap? And finally, the crucial question in these times is if the gift is delivered to the recipient's home or office? Yes, although it sounds a bit futuristic, this type of gifting is entirely realistic. Our company calls it and such gifts - personalized gifts!

What makes up a quality T shirt?

As we have pointed out many times, usability is one of the main components of an awesome promotional gift. This holds true especially for promotional T-shirts, one of the most popular items in a wide range of gifts. Surely you remember that old t shirt you got, which completely changed shape and lost color after just a few washes. That t-shirt didn't achieve the desired result, it may have even hurt the image of the company. That's why it's important for you to recognise which t-shirt is quality made and which one is not. We provided some pointers, which will help you choose the right shirt for your promotional campaigns.

TailorMADE custom promotional gifts

Awareness that promotional or business gifts are the cheapest form of promotion is increasingly present among entrepreneurs and marketers. Due to this fact and the really rich offer on the market, it is becoming difficult to break out of the average, which is the basis for good marketing. Gone are the days when we donated a cheap hat with a printed logo, address and often a phone number. Not that such a hat would not have a positive effect. It has, but with a little imagination and creativity, for a similar price, we can create a hat that your recipients will be happy to wear and thus spread your message or brand. And only in this way, we can really achieve optimal marketing results with promotional and business gifts. We used the hat only as an example, the principle is similar in all segments of gifts.

Business gifts - 7 mistakes to avoid

Merry December is the time when we plan to give gifts to our business partners and customers. In fact, many entrepreneurs endow their business partners only at the end of the year. Did you know that this is one of the key mistakes you can make in a business gift giving? The time for business gifts is throughout the year and such a gift will further deepen your relationship with business partners and customers.

Business and promotional gifts increase Sales

When you enter the private life of your client, you have hit the essence of good advertising. Adding usefulness and consequential satisfaction, you are already close to perfection. Now, think carefully about what kind of advertising can offer such feelings to your customers? Which type of promotion can easily achieve these goals, while building loyalty and highlighting values? And we have not mentioned yet the fact, that your logo or advertising message will be constantly on the eyes of the recipient and his surroundings. That's not all! Promotional and business gifts are, according to research, also the cheapest form of advertising.

Business gifts and psychology of colors

Due to the beautiful color palette in which nature draws, autumn is a particularly colorful season. The tops of leafy trees are first dressed in yellow, then in red and finally in brown. Have you noticed that when you look at the yellow foliage you feel the serenity, the red color reminds you of energy and vitality, and the color brown gives rise to your sense of comfort and security? Colors have exceptional psychological significance, which we are well aware of in our company.

Business gifts - what you need to know about them and about gift-giving

In a time where continuous communication is a mode of life, giving presents has become a true art. This applies to both the private as in the business world, and it presents much more than just the exchange of objects. This is also why gift-giving has become part of communication, because with a gift we also pass on a message. Business partners are part of our success, therefore, if properly selected, a gift is a priceless message of respect. For your business gifts to achieve their purpose, we have prepared for you some tips and strategies, so that you can avoid mistakes when choosing the right ones.

The real stars of your holidays!

The photos you'll share with your friends and on social networks will also reveal the real stars of your adventures. Can you guess who are these true stars of our adventures? It may be easier if instead of who we woul ask what. Yes, you guessed it! These are namely all those essential extras, which will make your travel, camping, hiking, food preparing easier and brighten your day with family or friends. They also the best business gifts and an excellent chance for your brand to become a part of these enjoyable moments.

Its time for T-shirts and summer caps

Trends on business gifts and promotional products field are constantly changing. The perfect time for giving business gifts used to be around Christmas and New-year. In today’s era, more and more companies decide to reward their business partners or employees during the year, as they are discovering it has great benefits.

It pays to become a VIP Club member

Promotional gifts are an important part of customer and business relations, in fact, they are too important to leave them up to chance. That's why it's very important to have a reliable supplier, that understands your needs and demands. For that reason, we created the VIP Club service for our regular customers. Members will receive additional attention, benefits and perks.

Make your own T-shirt

Not long ago was having a unique t-shirt seen as mission impossible. Well, theoreticaly it was possible, but the costs of printing were so high, most of us gave up rather easily. Luckily, those times are behind us now and today, having an unique t-shirt, designed by yourself, is easy. In fact, the whole procedure is so easy and cheap, it would be a shame buying a t-shirt in the store. Interested why?

6 reasons to use promotional gifts

While it’s hard to measure the return of investment (ROI) on promotional gifts exactly, we do know for certain that there are positive effects. The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) has conducted a number of surveys on this topic and always found desirable effects. In this post we’re going to look at top 6 reasons why you should be using promotional gifts in your next marketing campaign.

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