What makes up a quality T shirt?

As we have pointed out many times, usability is one of the main components of an awesome promotional gift. This holds true especially for promotional T shirts, one of the most popular items in a wide range of gifts. Surely you remember that old t shirt you got, which completely changed shape and lost color after just a few washes. That t-shirt didn't achieve the desired result, it may have even hurt the image of the company. That's why it's important for you to recognise which t-shirt is quality made and which one is not. We provided some pointers, which will help you choose the right shirt for your promotional campaigns.

TailorMADE custom promotional gifts

Awareness that promotional or business gifts are the cheapest form of promotion is increasingly present among entrepreneurs and marketers. Due to this fact and the really rich offer on the market, it is becoming difficult to break out of the average, which is the basis for good marketing. Gone are the days when we donated a cheap hat with a printed logo, address and often a phone number. Not that such a hat would not have a positive effect. It has, but with a little imagination and creativity, for a similar price, we can create a hat that your recipients will be happy to wear and thus spread your message or brand. And only in this way, we can really achieve optimal marketing results with promotional and business gifts. We used the hat only as an example, the principle is similar in all segments of gifts.

Business gifts - 7 mistakes to avoid

Merry December is the time when we plan to give gifts to our business partners and customers. In fact, many entrepreneurs endow their business partners only at the end of the year. Did you know that this is one of the key mistakes you can make in a business gift giving? The time for business gifts is throughout the year and such a gift will further deepen your relationship with business partners and customers.

Business and promotional gifts increase Sales

When you enter the private life of your client, you have hit the essence of good advertising. Adding usefulness and consequential satisfaction, you are already close to perfection. Now, think carefully about what kind of advertising can offer such feelings to your customers? Which type of promotion can easily achieve these goals, while building loyalty and highlighting values? And we have not mentioned yet the fact, that your logo or advertising message will be constantly on the eyes of the recipient and his surroundings. That's not all! Promotional and business gifts are, according to research, also the cheapest form of advertising.

Business gifts and psychology of colors

Due to the beautiful color palette in which nature draws, autumn is a particularly colorful season. The tops of leafy trees are first dressed in yellow, then in red and finally in brown. Have you noticed that when you look at the yellow foliage you feel the serenity, the red color reminds you of energy and vitality, and the color brown gives rise to your sense of comfort and security? Colors have exceptional psychological significance, which we are well aware of in our company.

Business gifts - what you need to know about them and about gift-giving

In a time where continuous communication is a mode of life, giving presents has become a true art. This applies to both the private as in the business world, and it presents much more than just the exchange of objects. This is also why gift-giving has become part of communication, because with a gift we also pass on a message. Business partners are part of our success, therefore, if properly selected, a gift is a priceless message of respect. For your business gifts to achieve their purpose, we have prepared for you some tips and strategies, so that you can avoid mistakes when choosing the right ones.

The real stars of your holidays!

The photos you'll share with your friends and on social networks will also reveal the real stars of your adventures. Can you guess who are these true stars of our adventures? It may be easier if instead of who we woul ask what. Yes, you guessed it! These are namely all those essential extras, which will make your travel, camping, hiking, food preparing easier and brighten your day with family or friends. They also the best business gifts and an excellent chance for your brand to become a part of these enjoyable moments.

Its time for T-shirts and summer caps

Trends on business gifts and promotional products field are constantly changing. The perfect time for giving business gifts used to be around Christmas and New-year. In today’s era, more and more companies decide to reward their business partners or employees during the year, as they are discovering it has great benefits.

It pays to become a VIP Club member

Promotional gifts are an important part of customer and business relations, in fact, they are too important to leave them up to chance. That's why it's very important to have a reliable supplier, that understands your needs and demands. For that reason, we created the VIP Club service for our regular customers. Members will receive additional attention, benefits and perks.

Are Promotional Gifts Key to Inspiring Your Employees?

Highly-motivated individuals should be really important to your company because they have a willingness to get the job done effectively, resulting in higher productivity, increased revenue, and satisfied business owners. Employees with low motivation tend to work slower, without regard for efficiency or productivity and end up costing business more money. In order to make your workplace one where happiness and productivity thrive, consider the following guidelines.

Make your own T-shirt

Not long ago was having a unique t-shirt seen as mission impossible. Well, theoreticaly it was possible, but the costs of printing were so high, most of us gave up rather easily. Luckily, those times are behind us now and today, having an unique t-shirt, designed by yourself, is easy. In fact, the whole procedure is so easy and cheap, it would be a shame buying a t-shirt in the store. Interested why?

How to request an offer\quote on

Would you like to add branding to your promotional items? Of course you would, they are practically useless without at least your logo on them. Buying a large quantity and feel you are entitled to a discount? Sure you do, quantity matters after all. On our site this is easy, and most of all, fast. Just request a QUOTATION \ BRANDING on the product page. Together, we will look at some details, that may help you on requesting your first quote on our site.

6 reasons to use promotional gifts

While it’s hard to measure the return of investment (ROI) on promotional gifts exactly, we do know for certain that there are positive effects. The Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) has conducted a number of surveys on this topic and always found desirable effects. In this post we’re going to look at top 6 reasons why you should be using promotional gifts in your next marketing campaign.

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