Customized waterproof bags | Be original, highlight your message and logo!

Great for the beach, boating, kayaking, rafting and day trips. This waterproof bag also has a perfect surface for displaying the entire printed ad or advertising message.

  • Delivery time: from approx. 3 weeks
  • Min. quantity: 150 pcs
  • Delivery in the EU is included in the price


There are 4 sizes available:
1.5 L (Ø 12x24 cm)
3.5 L (Ø 15x32 cm)
5.8 L (Ø 18x35 cm)
10 L (Ø 20.5x47 cm)

An additional option is a black adjustable shoulder strap with PVC carabiners.

Code: CM00029

Brand: MOB

Unique waterproof bags are made of 100% waterproof polymer with a thickness of 0.36 mm, electronically welded seams and a reliable closure to prevent moisture, sand or dirt and thus protect your valuables.

The upper part of the bag is folded and fastened with a plastic clip and the contents of the bag are easily protected from water.

To receive a quote with pricing, please send us an inquiry with as much details as you can. You can easily request a quote by pressing on the blue "QUOTATION / BRANDING" button.

10 L (Ø 20.5x47 cm)   5.8 L (Ø 18x35 cm)   3.5 L (Ø 15x32 cm)   1.5 L (Ø 12x24 cm)