Printed frame, handles and fully printed bars are a unique way to promote your brand.

Select each individual part in the desired color / material and we will print your logo. Fully customized sunglasses for personal computer with a lot of add-on options. A perfect item for summer campaigns! However, the frame and handles can be printed in full color and we print the glass with your logo.

  • Delivery time: 27-45 business days
  • Min. quantity: 250 pcs
  • Delivery in the EU is included in the price

Optional materials:

  • PVC
  • Bamboo (handles)
  • Wheat straw (handles)

Code: CM00024

Brand: MOB

Eco-friendly packaging: sunglasses are individually packed in a paper bag, and if desired, a microfiber bag printed in your design!






Don't miss: PPAI's research shows, that 40% of people, that get an environmentally friendly gift, raises their opinion about the brand that provided them with the gift.

To receive a quote with pricing, please send us an inquiry with as much details as you can. You can easily request a quote by pressing on the blue "QUOTATION / BRANDING" button.

Fully customized sunglasses for PC with optional antibacterial treatment (ISO 22196).


Fully Customized Sunglasses with Bamboo arms: full colour design, pantone matching & colour combinations.


Fully Customized wheat straw/PP Sunglasses: pantone matching & colour combinations.