It warms you in the cold and cools you in the heat.

Printed the entire surface with your motif or. advertising as desired. The bandana (multiscarf) has a variety of different uses and it a popular small gift printed entirely with your motif, with a large printing area for your message.

  • Delivery time: 15 business days
  • Minimum quantity from 100 pcs
  • Delivery in the EU is included in the price

Materials to choose from:

  • Polyester (140 g/m2), dim. ca. 50x25 cm
  • 100% RPET (140 g/m2), dim. ca. 50x25 cm
  • CoolMax® dim. ca. 50x25 cm
  • UPF50 + Sun Protection, dim. ca. 50x25 cm
  • Polyester (140 g/m2) + Fleece (180 g/m2)

Code: CM00017

Brand: MOB

Description of materials:

  • Polyester (140 g/m2) - 100% polyester is fully printed
  • 100% RPET (140 g/m2) - Environmentally friendly material made from recycled bottles.
  • CoolMax® - high breathability and fast drying. Made of unique hydrophobic 4-channel fibers for better moisture wicking.
  • UPF50 + Sun Protection - pleasant textile with the highest UV protection factor 50+
  • Polyester (140 g/m2) + Fleece (180 g/m2) - 100% polyester is fully printed and embroidered with 20 cm long fleece
  • The bandana is mostly used as a hat, face wash mask, scarf, scarf, headband, wristband, rubber band ....

The bandana is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that has entered the wardrobe of modern western civilization. There are an infinite number of ways to use this printed piece of textile. The bandana has played an important function for generations as it has been worn by sailors, farmers, cowboys, cyclists and miners…

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